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The beginning...

I never thought that one day I would have the courage to talk about my pelvic floor dysfunction. It was something I was so frustrated about. I tried for years to have my pain validated, but the attitudes I was met with were one of shame and stigma. It seemed like anything relating to your vagina was taboo. Any pain you experienced there was of course your fault and something you had caused or brought upon yourself.

Even though I knew it wasn't true, even though I knew it was real, it was so hard to let go that shame and fear that it was all in my head.

Finally after nine years, numerous tests, re-tests, painful examinations, consultant after consultation, I got diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. I finally had stillness, but deep inside this little voice kept saying, 'why 9 years?' I never want anyone to have wait 9 years again for their pain to be validated.

This blog is the beginning of my journey, of my acceptance and of my desire to connect with others in similar situations. But most importantly to RAISE awareness of this condition so no one has to suffer in silence anymore. Together we are stronger & can achieve anything. I'm so positive about the road I'm finally strong enough to take on my journey.

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