Why hello there!

I'm Sarah Rose and I started this blog to help encourage and encounter others who are suffering from pelvic pain. I've suffered from pelvic pain from a young age. It was often dismissed and shrugged off. Blamed on my hormones or just something women experienced. It was only when I turned 18 the pain became unbearable. It would take nine years, (26th January 2018 to be exact) and many consultants, examinations, tests, re-tests, and treatments before I was finally diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. However, even after pelvic floor physiotherapy the pain still persisted. My physiotherapist thought something else was causing my pain & that my PFD was a secondary issue. So, one Friday night in March 2019 I started an Instagram account to connect with others. It was from this that I learned I had all the symptoms of Endometriosis, a condition that had never been mentioned to me before! And this is when my pelvic pain journey really started to begin.

I have a passion for traveling, crafting and my rescue dog Ernie. I hope that through my journey we can create a supportive community so no gal ever has to feel that she is alone.



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